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Technical Assistance
Air Conditioning and Heating Equipment

Tagliaferri s.r.l. is an air conditioning and heating maintenance company. We recognized some of frequently problems derivatives from air ducts:

  • bad smell when the AC or heating system is on;
  • feeling as no air in the room;
  • dirt coming in the terminal part of the vents;
  • people in that room start to have allergies, headache, and breathing problems;

Tagliaferri s.r.l. is pleased to present the equipment "leader" on the market for duct cleaning, flexible and galvanized as well. According of Dlgs 81/08 .

Our company is always available to make an air duct inspection through a portable camera that represent internal situation of air duct, even is possible to recording on a tape. Once detected any problems, our company will send a detailed report on the type of cleaning to be performed.